IAMCycling: Kit of the Year?

I do love writing about pro riding kits but sadly my attention has previously focussed on the World Tour teams.

Check out this piece from a few months ago:


For whatever reason, I’ve given little thought to the Pro Conti teams but that has certainly changed this season.

I think it’s pretty clear cut who has the best kit this year.


The Swiss Pro-Conti team are easily the best dressed riders you’ll see on your TV screen.

Sadly, it wasn’t always like this.

Their 2013 kit was a little bland.

IAMCycling 2013 Kit
IAMCycling 2013 Kit (solightbike.com)

The white sleeves did nothing to bring the deep blue to life and this poor choice of contrast did nothing but drown out the light blue trim.

The key to this year’s improved kit is the addition of red across the front of the kit.

Sylvain Chavanel
Sylvain Chavanel (cyclingtips.com.au)

Seriously, how much better is this kit?

Like many I’ve been concerned about the dark colours in the peloton but with the addition of red, and let’s remember, red goes faster, the IAM boys are easily identifiable.

Well done IAMCyling and best of luck for the year!

Heinrich Haussler
Heinrich Haussier (podiumcafe.com)


IAMCycling Kit
IAMCycling Kit (scott-sports.com)
IAMCycling 2014 Kit
IAMCycling 2014 Kit (iamcycling.ch)



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