The Cycling Season has started

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Aussie cycling season. It is after all summer here in January and I’m fortunate enough to not work at this time of year, so I get to gorge myself on Aussie cycling. Delicious!

And of course there is the Middle Eastern swing, to steal a tennis term, in February to keep the Foxtel subscription in tact.

I cannot lie to you, though, I found Paris-Nice and even Tirreno Adriatico a little flat this year. Or it may just be that I’m in  touch with my masculine side and I find multi-tasking between cycling and tennis a little bit of a challenge this year.

Either way, it really wasn’t until Sunday’s Milan-San Remo that I began to feel the buzz of the cycling season again.

Spring is in the air, even if Sunday’s weather conditions left more than one rider with hypothermia and quite a few drinking tea from their bidons.

And with the European Spring comes the Classics season.

What is it about this time of the cycling season that enthrals us so?

After all, those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere aren’t looking forward to thawing out after a long, cold winter.

Quite the contrary, many of us are dreading the onset of a long, cold winter (and dear reader, whilst Melbourne may not get to sub zero temperatures and ten feet of snow, it does get quite nippy down here).

It is also tempting to argue that my cycling passion has been reignited by what I hope will be a glorious showdown, or two, between the two great Classics riders of our time, Tom Boonen and Fabian Cancellara.

We have been sadly starved of an epic contest from these masters of the one day race.

No. What the beginning of the Classics seasons brings us is the true romance of European cycling and these races signify the beginning of the European season proper.

I for one am very excited to once again be in true, deep love with cycling.

My sleep patterns from now until August will be interrupted, my household will be kept awake into the wee hours and my ability to function during the daylight hours will be severely compromised.

Bring on the rest of the Classics season!



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