Del Potro Injured Again

Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro has reportedly flown to Minnesota to seek treatment for an injured left wrist.

Perhaps his left wrist was feeling a little left out of all the attention after the right was operated on in 2010?

Or is all of the heavy trophies he’s lifted in the last twelve months that have taken their toll?

He won four titles in 2013 and one already in 2014.

It's lifting the heavy trophies that causes the injuries.
It’s lifting the heavy trophies that causes the injuries.

Who knows, but how unlucky is the Argentine?

del Potro has just reached a career high of number 4 and got the year off to a great start with a victory at Sydney.

Of course, this news raises speculation this his shock second round exit at the Australian Open two weeks ago is connected to this latest injury.

And there is little doubt the wrist must be genuinely no good. He flew into a very chilly -25 degree Minnesota. No one would do that if they didn’t have too.

Let’s hope this isn’t going to be a repeat of his 2010 season where he sat on the sidelines for most of the year.

Delpo is a great player and injuries have cost him not just many titles, but had he been healthy for the last four years, the term ‘The Big Four’ in tennis would have taken on a different meaning.


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