the year that was: some of the not so good bits of 2013


by Kate Smart


Now that we have all stuffed ourselves so full of food, we can barely reach for the remote control, it’s time to restore balance again by taking the time to reflect on those parts to the 2013 cycling season that didn’t quite make last week’s highlights list.


Bike helmets out of style

As a purveyor of all things vintage, you would expect little resistance to retro style bike helmets here.

Oh, how wrong you are.

I love the 80s.

The 80s were brilliant.

But, and there is a monumental but here, there are some things from the past that are best left in the past.

That includes retro style bike helmets.

They should never be resurrected. They should never be allowed to make an appearance in any suburban street, let alone in a professional bike race.

These old style helmets, that resemble a watermelon that’s…

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