dead cyclists, cars and fools on Twitter


by Kate Smart

Once again, another fool/silly young person/egomaniac/moron/sad little person with insecurities (delete as applicable, though in this case all may well apply) brazenly bragged on twitter about hitting a cyclist.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 下午8.08.34

This tweet may well be the product of someone seeking attention and there was no incident, (the account seems to have disappeared from twitter). It may also be the product of some sick desire to copy Norfolk trainee accountant, Emma Way’s now notorious tweet last May, about hitting a cyclist, although why anyone would want to do that defies rational understanding. Ms Way actually went on to claim that she was the victim of online bullying as a result of her very regrettable actions.

I am not for a second condoning or suggesting that Ms Way or the owner of this tweet deserve to be bullied. I suspect this tweet is yet another example of the naiveté of…

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