NRS – Stage Three 2013 Santos North West Tour

Stage Three of the Santos North West Tour was one for the breakaway with Search2Retain’s Cameron Bayley winning the 105 km stage from Bingara to Narrabri.

The stage started with plenty of attacks and some testing climbs, coming as early as the 4 kilometre mark. With their eyes on the leaders jersey, Huon Salmon-Genesys covered them all but with about 20 kilometres to go, Bayley and Craig Evers (Racing Kangaroos) managed a successful escape. The pair created a minute gap and rode together until Bayley made his move with just over a kilometre to go.

Bayley took his chance and rode to victory.

Third place was contested in a bunch sprint, with Breton Jones of Huon Salmon-Genesys coming in 24 seconds behind the day’s winner.

The day ended with Bayley taking the leaders jersey from Jack Haig of Huon Salmon-Genesys. Bayley has a 3 second claim on the race lead heading into the next stage.

Jessie Kerrison of Budget Forklfts remains in the sprinters jersey and Jai Crawford (Huon Salmon-Genesys) leads the KOM classification.

Stage four will be a 126 kilometre race from Coonabarabran to Siding Spring via Tooraweenah.

Stage Results

1 Cameron Bayly (search2retain) 2hr 34min 54sec

2 Craig Evers (Racing Kangaroos) +6

3 Brenton Jones (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers)  +24

4 Angus Tobin (search2retain)

5 Alistair Donohoe  (search2retain)

6 Ben Carman (Downer EDI Mining)

7 Nathan Earle (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers)

8 Jack Haig (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers)

9 Jayden Copp (Pro Team DownUnder)

10 Thomas Patton (Parramatta Race Team)

General Classification

1 Cameron Bayly (search2retain) 3hr 29min 59sec

2 Jack Haig (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers) +3

3 Jayden Copp (Pro Team DownUnder) +14

4 Ben Dyball (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers)

5 Aaron Donnelly (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers) +15

6 Nathan Earle (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers)

7 Samuel Horgan (Budget Forklifts) +18

8 Jack Anderson (Budget Forklifts) +21

9 Jai Crawford (Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers) +22

10 Brodie Talbot (Racing Kangaroo) +27


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