Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a virtue that I do not posses.

I have never possessed it.

I don’t understand it.

I never will.

But I do know that patience is a virtue that you need to be a successful GC contender.

To ride for three weeks, slowly chipping away at your competitors, requires a calm and settled mind.

It requires the ability to see the bigger picture.

To look on the macro level as opposed to the micro.

The micro outlook is the world of the sprinter.

Maybe, I’m a sprinter at heart?

There’s lots of speculation that BMC are now finding themselves in a “Sky position”. That is having more than one GC contender.

Yes, Teejay van Garderen will one day be the main man. The man everyone on the team will sacrifice themselves for at a Grand Tour.

But that won’t be at the Tour de France 2013.

Yep, leading the Tour of California is a fantastic feat.

But over in Italy, in the first of the Grand Tours are the leading men of professional cycling.

And one of those leading men is Cadel Evans.

The Giro has already spat out reigning Tour champ and Olympic gold medalist, Bradley Wiggins.

It has sent its defending champion packing too.

This is the race of the top men. One day, Teejay will be here as one of the top men.

But not yet.

Patience is a virtue.



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