Andy Schleck: Falling to Pieces

Did Mike Patton know 24 years ago that he was actually writing a song about Andy Schleck?

Poor Andy Schlek.

So many mean, but admittedly funny things have been committed to print and pixels about the Luxembourger and his shocking spate of bad luck.

Yes, readers, I do think that being dumped off your bike by a freak gust of wind is bad luck and that, after all is what started all of this off.

So, where does Mike Patton come into this, I hear you ask? How does the man who is undoubtedly a musical genius and lead singer of one of, if not the most underrated bands of all time have anything to do with a stick-insect like European cyclist?

Faith No More’s classic, Falling to Pieces is very much an anthem to the predicament poor Andy is wallowing in as we speak.

I mean, the very opening line, ‘Back and forth I sway with the wind’ sums it all up. Andy wasn’t swaying in the wind, he was positively picked up and dumped by it.

Has poor Andy Schleck been jinxed by this song?

Poor Andy. He’s not blind, but he certainly is paralyzed by the fear of failure or the fear of finishing a race.

But as the pieces of poor Andy’s puzzle crumble away, there has to be a picture underneath of the young man who once stood so proud on the podium of the TdF. Surely, Andy can reclaim his previous form and dream again of yellow in Paris in July?

But then again, it seems that indecision is fogging up his vision, and no one seems to be listening no matter how adamant Andy is that this is all a phase that can be overcome.

Poor Andy. He’s somewhere in between his love of cycling and the agony of not being able to ride competitively. He’s somewhere between being laughed off the road and wanting to prove to himself and the doubters that he is and deserves to be considered a champion.

He is very much falling to pieces. In fact has very much been falling to pieces for the last twelve months.

Who will put him back together?

Radioshack. Seriously?

Himself? He hasn’t demonstrated a good job of that.

Poor Andy.

It does make you wonder if he is a Faith No More fan?


Published on The Roar, May 8th, 2013


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