Cycling look a-likes

It’s a funny thing, because I would have thought the Schlek brothers were relatively individual looking guys. What I mean, is well, they look a little unique? Not put a paper bag over your head unique, but I wouldn’t have thought that there would be that many people out there who share such a striking resemblance to them.

How wrong was I?

Looking at a picture of yesterday’s winner of the Amstel Gold Race and I couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance between Roman Krueziger, Frank Schlek and Christian Bale.

In fact, is Kreuziger a missing Schlek brother? Right now, he’s certainly a more successful rider.

And did anyone else see Triple Js One Night Stand from Dubbo on Saturday? I couldn’t help but notice how yet another Schlek shares another resemblance. Andy Schlek and Sam Cromak from Ball Park Music?

See what I mean? How could these guys share so many resemblances to total strangers.

So, who else in the peloton shares a resemblance with a total stranger?

What about Chris from My Kitchen Rules? A dead ringer for Matt Goss?

Is it only me, who has spent the last two months avidly watching the Victorian boys compete each against other and the whole time thinking, is that Matt Goss?

Hmm, shall ponder more cycling look a-likes. Until then, it’s finals week in MKR and can’t take my eyes off the telly.




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